6 Months

Lito Perezito’s 6 Months
(A Resident Evil Fan Fiction)
Co-written with PuppyPiers69


A few days after the tragedy the BSAA faced in Edonia, a physically and mentally wounded Chris Redfield is hospitalized in Eastern Europe. In spite of a vigil being held by his loved ones, including his second-in-command, Piers Nivans, Chris escapes the hospital. He’s living in a body that he doesn’t recognize; in a world that he doesn’t remember. Alone and confused, Chris unwittingly starts a journey to rediscover who he is. Meanwhile Piers’ faith is tested as he tries to find back the man who had become his compass. Find out what happened during those 6 months while flashbacks reveal the first steps of Chris and Piers’ relationship. Download the entire comic (.rar).

Sequel 1

Sequel 2

• Russian Version (by Domik S Perevodami)

• Spanish Version (by Urieta Pillaca León)

• Traditional Chinese Version (by QQBear)



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Toro Nero

I adore this ship so much


OHhh my god, I’ve seen some of your art floating around the web but when I saw you asking people to read your work I knew I had to read it, and it was really good, you’re a great artist and it’s just so cool knowing someone’s doing god’s work for gay people


I love this comic, the passing is not too fast and pretty easy to read! nice job!


Me corazón de destruyo al leer esto se que eh llorado con todo lo que escribes y haces pero qué puedo decir soy muy llorona, yo de verdad vivo lo que leo y aún lloro por lo de piers 🙁 lo extraño mucho y imagino que chris también


Holy shit, I just stumbled upon this and read it instantly, I finished RE6 a little while ago and I absolutely loved this comic. Thank you so much for creating this webcomic, I’ll read the other two RE comics later this week (hopefully).


Hello, I love your work, by chance you can translate it into Spanish.?


Thank you, I would thank you very much PS: I love your work

Urieta Pillaca León

I can translate it! But i need a few days.

Urieta Pillaca León

Where do I pass it to you when I’m done?

Dernière modification le 11 mois il y a par Urieta Pillaca León

Could you talk to him on his Facebook?


Really! , thank you

Thank you very much for translating it, with all my heart, you did a great job.