Lovers In Arms

Lito Perezito’s Code: Redfields – Lovers in Arms
(A Resident Evil Fan Fiction)
Co-written with PuppyPiers69


A few months after the events of CODE:Redfields, Chris and Piers celebrate their wedding ceremony with their invitees.

Google Drive (english)
GDrive DL (traditional chinese by QQBear)


Sequel 1

Sequel 2


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It was perfectly emotional and cute! Kudos !



Miko Mania

Freaking love all your comics and Nivanfield is definitely my favourites, loving coming back to it again. Love you and your work always and will always support ya ❤️


I remember I read this three comics a long time ago, and I am sure I was so confused at the beginning, but I ended up staying because of the art and how the story was going, and the ends is just perfect, makes my heart jump of happiness every time I read it.


Gosh all of these were all so good. I started reading sequel 1 yesterday at midnight and it kept me awake till 4 amd it wouldn’t be a lie if i said i cried more than three times. Gosh thank you!

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I just finished reading all 3 of your Nivanfield comics and I loved them all! You guys did such an amazing job and I’ve never seen THIS amount of love and dedication put into a fandom before. The art and the story are stellar, and probably one of if not the best Nivanfield works out there. Absolutely amazing!! This was so fun and satisfying to read! Thank you guys for making this!


Hi, I came from Taiwan and am a definite Nivanfield’s fan. May I ask your authority to translate your works to Traditional Chinese? I promised I won’t make any profit from your works and will share my translation with you and your fans without any charge.

If you can accept this suggestion, we can discuss witch kind of method you prefer. I provide the translation and you PS the script in the comics or I can PS them by myself then send the end works to you? If you don’t mind, please send me a reply to my mail. Thank you!