El Blaze & the King

Lito Perezito’s El Blaze & the King
(A fan-made Tekken x Virtua Fighter Comic)
Written and edited with the help of my editors Hobo,
Aimee, Nintendooski, Spenser.

Story: A former pro-wrestler called El Jefe signs a contract with King and organises King’s trial, a series of fights between the best wrestlers from Mexico versus King. El Blaze was chosen to be King’s last opponent. Who will end up victorious?

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Final Chapter coming in May-June 2023.

–  O R I G I N A L  S O U N D T R A C K  –



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Thank you for all these wonderful comics,


OMG!!! I’m ready for the finale but not ready for it to end!


Also, I’m wondering if this gonna be a one part thing, or are you planning on making a part 2 (like LiS)?

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I recently saw one of your reddit post so I decided to check this comic out, even if i knew very little of their respective series (designs alone go a long way for me lol) and I am loving… pretty much everything about it.
The dynamic between King and Blaze is great and their relationship is written so well (especially considering the shorter time relative to other comic couples), the side characters are captivating and the setting is so detailed and… pleasant (well at least when the snake of the town isn’t in a mile radius lol). The framing too is great, especially the fight scenes, it’s very clear what is happening in them and it’s easy to track what the characters are doing.
I also really like the pacing, I binged through the chapters so far and I never felt that the story dragged or that elements overstayed their welcome or that moments weren’t as impactul as they were meant to be. I really appreciate easier digestible stories like this.
Probably my favourite thing though (and this most likely applies to all your work), is your art style. Imo it is IMPECCABLE. Everything looks so polished and with realistic detail, while also having a comic book flare, without looking uncanny, it hits the perfect middle ground (for me at least). I could stare at these pages (and other art of these two you made) all day looking for details. And the designs you made for King and Blaze are incredible, they would fit right in with the official ones.
The fact that you don’t have more recognition is criminal, i wish i discovered this sooner. Keep up the fantastic work and i cannot wait for the finale.

(BTW, random question, when king has his mask on, does he make jaguar sounds in this universe, like in the games? I would be pretty funny if he could do a normal voice and perfect roaring sounds)


No sabes lo mucho que amo esta historia, y realmente estoy ansioso de ver como continua, el capitulo 7 acabo de manera muy tensa! Y realmente tengo miedo que le pase algo a papi King! Pero bueno a esperar se ha dicho jeje


This story just as the others is amazing, thank you so much. I love when big, strong and tough guys, show their inner fluffy, sweet and adorable parts of themselves. Oh and please tell me Miguel Angel saves everyone, PLEASE!!!!!!!!
Because if not, I’m going to be depressed and cry a lot.
Also I have to admit that you did a beatiful work representing the environment of Mexico. Normally I dont care where a story takes place, but the context of all that you put in makes it even better.
It really makes me so happy to have found your comics, thank you again for these.
May I with your permission inform/remind you about these ships if you like any of them?
Eddie x Venom (2018 movie)
Soap x Ghost (CoD Modern warfare 2)

Leonel Contreras

Hanzo hasashi x kuai liang ( mortal kombat ) or Jack morrison x Gabriel Reyes ( Overwatch )


Amazing, a great treat to get to read your comics, they’re always helping me get thru whenever new chapiters drop. Hope you keep on making these, and take care of yourself, king.


OmG this is sooo good. Love your work. And the characters are superb. I am literally in love with King. Btw will we be having anything more 18+ in the last chapter ?