Lito Perezito’s REED 900 (Detroit Become Human)

Hi, DBH fans! You’re probably wondering why I decided to make a comic focused on Gavin after seeing him acting like a dick during the entire game, especially when you know how many amazing characters DBH has in its story. Well, the first reason is that when I see villains in shows or video games, most of the time, I like to think that they are not entirely evil. The second reason is that I would’ve really liked his character to be more important and developed in the game. The third reason is that I wanted to make more GAY stories after focusing for so long on my Nivanfield comics. Also, note that this web-comic will use foul language because it wouldn’t be Gavin without his rudeness. I hope you enjoy it! This comic was made with most of the game’s original 3D models, rendered in Blender and edited with Photoshop. Stories are written by me and Linh, with the help of Ty-Chou and my editors!



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