El Blaze & the King 2

Lito Perezito’s El Blaze & the King ¡Round 2!
(A fan-made Tekken x Virtua Fighter Comic)
Written and edited with the help of my editors Hobo,
Aimee, Nintendooski, Spenser.
Published: December 25th, 2023

Story: Shortly after King won his trial, El Blaze joins him to face a new round of challenges!

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Is so scary to see how Sebastian eyes change color after taking the drug. Well, is true what they say, « The eyes are the mirror of the soul ».
In this case Sebastian really looks possesed, like he has become another whole person, a very very dangerous one. It truly is unnerving.
Poor guy, but I’m sure Lucas, Miguel and David will be there to help him and support him.
Wonderful work like always, you never go short to show how much Miguel and David love and trust each other (for example when they talk about Sebastian behavior and the kiss).
You’re so talented, thank you so much for all your stories.

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wasn’t expecting to find Toro as attractive as I did and that sex scene was *tasteful.* I hope to see more of him; I’m a fan of bossy bottoms lmao. keep up the good work!!


i’ve been a fan of yours since « Family Business » and have been keeping up with your comics ever since!! love the direction « El Blaze & the King » is going with the smut and beautiful men lmao, so i’m very thankful for all the work you do~ :3


Estuvo increíble cada vez más secretos por resolver y más dudas que respuestas… Me quedé picadisima, necesito más.


OMG this chapter got EVERYTHING im so intrigued!!!


PEOPLE!!!! This is such a telenovela, everything is making sense and the more things surface the more i am angry with that woman.

Thank you as always, Tito Lito


I can’t believe we get some action with « El jefe »! You treat us well! Was just reading silently before but now I just have to thank you for the amazing work you always do. I’m so excited for whats next and be sure, that I’ll read it day one! Thanks for this!


Yes, I found it! It was some good food for the soul. Excited for more…and maybe some more « Jefe »? Haha


just got up to date. Time for the other comics; fantastic work lito. your comics are KILLING it. Any recs? I’m gonna try the nivanfield one and after probably Rk900


I had no idea there was a part 2!!!!