Dark Entities

Lito Perezito’s Life is Strange: Dark Entities
(A fan-made Life is Strange Comic)
Co-written with my editors, Linh, Hobo, Periken, Aimee & Thaylor.
Published: Octobre 24, 2021

IMPORTANT NOTE: Playing the game is required to fully understand the story and enjoy the comic the way it was meant to be.
Starring Alex, Gabe, Ryan and Steph from True Colors, Dark Entities takes place in an alternate timeline in which Gabe survives the blast incident, thanks to a mysterious ghost from his past…

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Alex chen

I loved


this was amazing ohmy god!!


in Spanish Please!!! i love You Story reed 900


this was so amazing!!! reading this was so special in so many incredible ways, you nailed the story and the vibe. thank you for this


I’m so happy I found this! I first played LiS True Colors a year ago and haven’t quite moved on since. I replayed, I read fanfics, watched reaction vids, replayed portions again and again, stalked through the tag on Tumblr, and that’s how I found out about your work!

I spent the entire afternoon reading part 1, and it’s a blast! I love Gabe, I love Ryan, and I love them together. The first 3 quarters or so showing how absolutely lonely Ryan was punched my gut. But then seeing how happy he and Gabe were on that boat made it all worth it. Steph’s reading was on point lol

It’s so nice seeing more of Alex. She quickly became my fave LiS protagonist (she got me with ‘gnome problem’). She’s unbelievably attractive in the game, and she is here too. It was absolutely unfair how she and Gabe couldn’t even get a full 24 hours together in the canon timeline, so seeing her actually having annoying sibling moments with Gabe made me so happy for them both. As well as with Steph, they’re super adorable. With Gabe alive in this timeline, I could only imagine all the teasing ChenRich got from him.

As for the OCs, I think they played their roles in the story really well. Keira went through hell at no fault of her own, poor kid. Milo is the embodiment of ‘roads to hell are paved with good intentions’. And I wish I could say that Priscila felt like a caricature, but people like her actually exist so… That part at the end with her looking at Gabe and co, that can’t be good.

Thanks so much for this! It looks amazing! Feels like I’m playing the game but reading because of the very similar vibes. Amazing work! Thank you!

Now I’m off to check out part 2!


This series is so good I sat down and read it all in one afternoon. I already finished what we have of Dark Entities 2 and I’m excited to read some of your other comics on here.


Dayum, the intensitiy went from 0 to 100 real quick