El Blaze & the King

Lito Perezito’s El Blaze & the King
(A fan-made Tekken x Virtua Fighter Comic)
Written and edited with the help of my editors Hobo,
Aimee, Nintendooski, Spenser.


Story: A former pro-wrestler called El Jefe signs a contract with King and organises King’s trial, a series of fights between the best wrestlers from Mexico versus King. El Blaze was chosen to be King’s last opponent. Who will end up victorious?

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• Download from Google Drive:(English)


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I don’t really comment a lot but I just had to when it comes to your comics lol. Everything you produce is just *chef’s kiss*❤

Johnny Bravo

Hi, just started reading, was putting it off for a while because I had to get through some RL stuff but MAN am I regretting not diving into this earlier. Models are fuckin sublime, the dedication is so present, and they are hot as shit. rivalry, looks, and the clear  » i will fucking top you, big boy  » vibes is making me vibrate


Everything you make is sublime. I love your comics and your music. Keep up the great work in doing what you love. <3


I haven’t finished the story yet but I skipped to the sex scenes and they are so hot. Thanks for the comics.

No Nam

This was a really sweet read. Thank you very much!


Hey, what happened to the NSFW links?


this is one of the best comics ive ever read in my entire life


No sabes lo mucho que te amo por hacer que usen sus mascaras en esa ultima escena de sexo ufff 1000/10!!!!
Ame esta historia, y ame a casi todos los personajes. Se que apenas acabaste con ella, pero ojala consideres hacer una segunda temporada, no se quizá agregando mas personajes de cada juego, no se como a Marduk como un ex de David o algo así. Me salgo del tema, realmente ame mucho la historia de inicio a fin


Hello, author, it is a great pleasure to enjoy your masterpiece. I really enjoyed the story El Blaze and the King and have been following it continuously. The last chapter added, forgive me if I don’t know how to find the download, I ask for your help.
Additional note: I do not know how to get here: Daemon Collection‘s Gumroad

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Being flattered, I was personally replied by the creator! Thank you, my God! I have found your small garden full of treasures with the help of my friends! Downloading Progress bar in progress! Love you!