Code: Redfields

Lito Perezito’s Code: Redfields
(A Resident Evil Fan Fiction)
Co-written with PuppyPiers69


One month after the events of China (Resident Evil 6), Claire Redfield is kidnaped under mysterious circumstances just as she was about to meet with her brother, Chris Redfield. The BSAA Captain goes in search for his sister with the company of her close friend, Moira Burton, until they discover that what happened is part of a much bigger and disturbing picture. In the mean time, Piers Nivans wakes up in a laboratory in the presence of Ada Wong, who seems to be very well informed about the scheme against the Redfield, and wants something from him in exchange for her help.
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I liked his story very much. But I wish Jake’s story continued and I could see Ada and Jake together. Who was the man who talked to Ada in the story? Is he the one behind Ada?

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I really liked the story, but I wish you had continued Jake’s story, of course, we would have seen Ada and Jake together as well, I think it would be interesting.


We’re is the full nude version


Hola bro, XD tus comics son geniales, me fasinan y me eh dado cuenta de que hay algunos con traducción al español…
Me preguntaba si hay algún héroe sin capa que pueda traducir esta maravillosa historia…

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Have read it thousands of times already but still greatly impressed and moved by Lito every time I decide to reread it. Till today I finally remember to leave some sentences in this page to mark something I really treasure and care about. (The word count may be a bit high, but thank you to everyone who has read it 🙂

Chris × Moira: When they sat back to back on the sand in the dark night, talking about why Chris could endure so much and stay as strong as he was, I feel very distressed but more respect to Chris (of course as well as Moira), happy to witness his growth after Piers’ death. Their debut in this group also brought me many surprises!

Chris × Claire: First time they finally met again since Code Veronica! Anyone can know my feeling! (*wipe tears and scream*) The axe that Claire sacrificed her life to throw out to protect Chris made me even cry!!

Chris&Piers × Claire&Moira: 2 magical pairs!! Every time they met and talked, I feel myself like an old father watching my children play and laugh together – who knows! Whether it’s their mutual soul support or just occasional sexual jokes – The lines are really set to fit their personality perfectly! No need to say more, I love you Lito! My hero!!!

Piers × Claire: I am thrilled to see Claire promoting Nivanfield relationship, just like Piers’ mother did. The most heartbreaking scene in the entire comic is that Claire put down the steel rod and sobbed to Piers, saying « You better not be a hallucination, Piers »! God knows how much they endured after Piers’ death!

Piers × Ada: Another dream combination that I never imagined before! I really hate a good one being misunderstood all the time, esp. that is Ada! But even though everyone finally understood the truth, Ada still appeared vaguely at Nivanfield’s wedding, just fulfilling her promise to Piers alone – Although I feel a bit regretful, it seems that this is more real instead because the harm Carla has caused Chris is too great and irreparable, making Ada destined not to be too close to Chris.(Omg just thinking about the tragedies that Chris went through I’m gonna to cry again *wiping tears*)

Nivanfield: NO NEED BUT NO WORDS CAN DESCRIBE MY FEELINGS! Thank you for bringing Piers back! Thank you for giving them a finally wedding! LOVE YOU LITO!!!!!!

Andres Guerrero

Hola Lito

Quizas publicaste este comic hace ya tiempo. pero de todo corazon te agradezco el enorme trabajo que realizaste. Leer tus comics me brinda una gran alegria. Ademas soy gran fan de Chris y Piers. Muchas gracias


this one is my favorite, Ada is best girl! I love how you’ve taken your time for the reunion of those two dorks!


It so f**king awesome! Wish u everything best and wait for other works)


I can’t thank you enough for all the work you put into making these comics. I’ve read them a thousand times already. Nivanfield is one of my all-time favorite ships and I never would have thought to get such amazing fanfictions in a comic style and even with a happy end ♥♥♥ just THANK YOU for all the hard work. (and for making them available for download, so I can read them even when I’m offline)