El Blaze & the King 2

Lito Perezito’s El Blaze & the King ¡Round 2!
(A fan-made Tekken x Virtua Fighter Comic)
Written and edited with the help of my editors Hobo,
Aimee, Nintendooski, Spenser.
Published: December 25th, 2023

Story: Shortly after King won his trial, El Blaze joins him to face a new challenge!

• Download from Mega (PNG/english only)

• Download from Google Drive:(English)


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(The Third 🔞 Scene is available on
DaemonColl’s Twitter)
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Oh hell no! The Meanest Nun!? Understatement! Awe poor baby. I can’t believe you left it there!


Oh my the shower scene was too hot to handle, they always have extremely hot position. Also The father and Panchita seems getting it too. And the last part, it’s really not telenovela without any female antagonist lmao. Can’t wait for the drama and the hot scene Kinblaze bringing. Thanks for the update!!!


Oh sh…First of all, a really good job as always Tito Lito, the plot, the art, everything is amazing. Second, the ending of chapter 2, nooo I just feel so good and bad at the same time, like it was amuzing but I fear things are going south.

Still, as always I will wait for the next upload.

Thanks as always <3


aaaaa al fin! que mejor manera de iniciar el año que con este par de papis pegando ostias! xD
Ya enserio amo lo que hiciste con sus trajes, aunque debo decir que aun amo los de la primera temporada, pero verles las nalgas y los bultos mas marcados mientras luchan ufff, chef kiss!

Estoy seguro que planeas algo increíble con esos dos nuevos luchadores que vas a introducir, aunque es una lastima que hayas dejado fuera la opción de meter a otros personajes de cada juego, como el compañero de King, Marduk, aunque espero sea ese « spoiler » que el papi de King menciono (lo siento tengo debilidad por los enmascarados, y también me gustó).

No puedo esperar al siguiente capitulo y con los adelantos que distes, ver las escenas picantes
Igual espero poder hacer otro edit con ellos si me das permiso x3


Ah! I managed to get it downloaded but not able to open it. And maybe not so well from my phone. I’ve deleted it and will try again another time. I might need the app for that anyway. Also I finally found your Ko Fi thingy as well! I’ll definitely be donating for each work you have done accordingly. As soon as I have something in my bank account 🙂 thanks for all the hard work you do!


You literally had me in stitches the entire way though the comedy was S+++ tier all the way through. The ending! Hahahaha. Also as a side note I’m not very techy an you used to have the 18+ images for the last comic as a image filter on that link thing. Is it still possible or would I need to download the new app and make a pledge to get a hold of the 18+ images?


I dont think I’ve ever been more excited! I can’t wait for the next chapter


I love Panchita, she is so funny and unhinged XD I knew she’d find a way. Now they have to bribe her into silence XD


Pinche Panchita xD CANT WAIT FOR MOREEE ❤️❤️❤️❤️