After The Storm

Lito Perezito’s REED 900: After The Storm
(A Detroit Become Human x Life Is Strange Fan Fiction)
Co-written with Linh Macdonald
Published : February 13, 2021



• RUSSIAN (by Shenovan): DRIVE – ZIP

• ITALIAN (by GiuliaOngaku & Hanel): DRIVEZIP

• SPANISH (by Sofia Garrido,Will Basto & me): DRIVEZIP

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dude all of these comics have my heart thank you so much for this


You have no idea how hard I cried after seeing Gavin and Conrad died in the earlier chapter. I’ve never cried that hard in my whole freaking life…..


I honestly can’t believe that almost 3 years have already passed, I remember when I was waiting for new chapters or songs, how I cried while reading them, either from happiness or despair. I’m still waiting for new Reed900 comics. I really can’t believe it’s been almost 3 years already, it really feels like it was yesterday, these comics have played a really big role in my life <3

I understand, I will wait as long as it takes, so now take your time and spread your wings ;)

I dont know if you are gonna believe me but this is the SEVENTH TIME i read REED900 all the chapters i have read it seven times can you believe that. you know whats funny that my mother language is not english even though that i enjoyed every single part of your work and i really really wish there is any chance that you would do more chapters of REED900 its a very great comic please surprise us with new chapters, and i want you to know that i am your big fan from middle east


Its really good


I’ve read the four parts twice now. I have to say, I really loved the progression, the individual storylines, the graphics… Everything! I’m going to consider it my post-game headcannon. I’ll also be reading the Resident Evil comics soon.
Regardless of whether you continue making any more comics or you decide to move on to different projects, I think you’re extremely talented. You’ll clearly do just fine. Thanks for the hard work!


Okay, this last one was really stressful. Damn, you broke my heart, and then you put it back together piece by piece. thank you so much for such a roller coaster of emotions!
And I would like to mention Gavin’s apartment. I don’t know why, tbh, but I really followed its development, and as more and more furniture appeared in it and how it became more cozy and warm. The end result is just comfort, I would live in such an apartment myself 🙂
Another special thanks for the outfits of the characters! They’re all so stylish and cool, I just can’t <3
Thank you for these comics, they really changed something in me :')


What a charming creation!
As I am not good at English, I resorted to translation software to appreciate the four stages of REED900.
Perhaps the translation may have some flaws, but I really feel the passion of the creators, and I am really lucky to be able to enjoy such excellent comic works!
I’ve never felt so close to the relationship between Gavin and 900! The script written by the creators is very delicate, and the characters are very fascinating!
Oh, my God, I’m so excited right now that I don’t know what to say.
However, one thing is certain – tonight’s slumber will be blissful!<3


i just read the whole reed900 series and im so happy i found this again ;-;
especially loved after the storm, im currently switching between my obsessions with dbh and lis rn lol
thank you so much for all the hard work you’ve put into creating these masterpieces, you’re a legend ^^