After The Storm

Lito Perezito’s REED 900: After The Storm
(A Detroit Become Human x Life Is Strange Fan Fiction)
Co-written with Linh Macdonald
Published : February 13, 2021



• RUSSIAN (by Shenovan): DRIVE – ZIP

• ITALIAN (by GiuliaOngaku & Hanel): DRIVEZIP

• SPANISH (by Sofia Garrido,Will Basto & me): DRIVEZIP

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The amount of work you do for your comics is just incredible. Thank you for gifting us with quality content. Also I can’t not mention how good you nailed all the sarcastic banters between the characters. It was absolutely hilarious when Chloe gave Elijah that spoon. Thank you again!


Lito, I love your comics, they are my favorites, I love the ships and interactions you give them. I especially really like Reed900, the story, renderings, costum design and the OST. This is the 4th time I’ve read the series since you uploded it, thank you so much for your art and creating all of your comics.


REED900 series is just wow! Spent days devouring the comics, and now I can’t get enough of your OST. Every piece of your creation is a masterpiece! I really love the way the characters talk and interact, and the story had me holding my breath so many times, especially that part Gavin takes his own life, and Conrad chooses to follow him is so heart-wrenching. I’m listening to « Insufferable Pain » right now, and the emotions it and your comics hit are deep. Thanks a million for sharing your amazing talent with us!
(Please excuse any grammar errors, as English is not my first language. > <)


Thats really one of the most fav comics!!! im so happy to see its fresh and was released this summer! Thats really amazing, really, feeling so sad thats the end T-T
You’re not planning to make any new comic of Reed900 or Detroit, right? Even if thats the end, Thank you so much for doing that much to Detroit community and Reed900 Shippers! ^^ <3


This is very hear warming and satisfying! I love the great comics and can’t stop reading! Too bad i’m got to the last page ;-;


this one is always a roller-coaster of emotions and i freaking LOVE it. it’s the cross-over i never knew i need filled with character growth.
i’ll never get tired of re-reading it.


how the twists plotted.. thank you!!


Best thing I’ve ever read! I love Reed900 and how many emotions I felt in this comic. I generally screamed at moments, especially when I saw the death of the main characters… then I squealed when Gavin could not forgive Conrod. Oh, like teenagers
I love this comic and read it a hundred times.


you put so much hard work into this, not just the comics themselves, but for the songs you’ve composed for them too. i appreciate all that you’ve done because they truly are a work of art <3 you’re incredible!! keep doing what you do 🙂